Priority Shipping With The Trucking Industry

The economy of the world can often be found on trucks putting across nations. Priority shipping is a way to use the system quickly. It has long been known that when a customer is asked how soon he needs a shipment his most likely response is going to be to say in a firm voice, “as soon as possible.”

In fact, that has been said so often that the meaning of ASAP has changed to often mean, “as soon as we get around to it.” Despite this cheapening of the meaning of ASAP, there sometimes is a shipment that really has to get there as soon as possible. This is where priority freight comes into the picture. Most shipping mediums have their own version of priority shipping. The Post Office uses Priority Mail which usually has a two to three day guarantee on delivery. If an item needs to be there faster than two or three days, they have express mail which usually can guarantee overnight service. In almost every case, Carex Shipping¬†use air to get the item to the customer within the guaranteed time frame. When the size of the item is a factor is where Priority Freight Trucking becomes the only choice. It is size that eliminates many shipments from qualifying for the Postal or combination Air/truck services.

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